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Halt The Dolores Monument

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at Colorado Mesa University to oppose the the proposed Dolores Canyons National Monument. U.S. Senator Hickenlooper attended the listening session on Saturday April 27.


As a candidate for Mesa County Commissioner I believe I spoke for the majority of Mesa County residents.

My talking points are the following:

1. Mesa County is 74% managed by the Federal and State Government and our piece of the pie will continue to shrink if we designate the Dolores to National Monument status. We need to maintain local control!


2. We have generational cattle ranchers who count on the areas of the west end for vital winter range for cattle production. Cattle ranching is a big part of our local economy, adding about $800 per head of cattle to our local economy. Another critical component of cattle grazing is fire mitigation and the healthy revegetation of natural grasses.


3. We have the prospect of losing mining rights and drilling leases, which include coal, uranium, helium and natural gas.


4. Our sportsman may lose the opportunity to hunt big game in the Monument area.


5. Multiple use of the lands may change and prohibit off road recreation activities.


6. The area currently has layers of management protection. If the Biden administration enacts Monument status, the area may be flooded with tourism and could defeat the original purpose of Monument status.


7. I believe the only options Mesa County should support would be to leave it as is, or support a national conservation area, similar to McInnis Canyon Conservation Area.

I believe it's time for new leadership in Mesa County.


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Thank you and God Bless! 

-JJ Fletcher

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